Lee is nationally certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and maintains state and local licenses.  She is also certified in Transformative Coaching and the founder of Radiant You coaching.  She received her initial training at Heartwood Institute in northern California, where she studied massage, acupressure, shiatsu, Chinese medicine, and whole food nutrition. She received her coaching certification through the Feminine Power work, taught by Katherine Woodward Thomas and Claire Zammit.  She established Morning Glory Healing Arts in 2005, and delights in sharing her work with anyone seeking to gain greater levels of health, happiness, well being, and vitality.


The foundation of Lee’s work is a recognition of the body’s inherent ability to heal itself; she believes deeply in the healing power of relaxation and pleasure.  When one is experiencing pain or discomfort, often what is needed is to simply remind the body that it knows what to do and give it permission to do so by helping mind and body to deeply relax.  When we shift our focus away fromthe pain or dis-ease toward something that allows us to feel good, we create the internal environment that naturally facilitates the process of relaxation and healing.  This is true whether the pain is physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental.  Massage, bodywork, and coaching are ideal ways to help shift focus away from what isn’t working to what is desired.  Miracles can and do happen!

Be sure to check out Lee’s blog, where she explores a variety of topics relating to health and wellbeing, offering tips, insights, inspiration and motivation to help you stay aligned in body, mind and spirit.

Lee’s welcoming studio is right in the heart of downtown Moab, adjacent to the Visitor Center. She also offers her coaching work via phone.  Whether your goal is to pamper yourself, release pain and tension, facilitate healing, or step more fully into your life, Lee invites you to enjoy caring, professional bodywork and coaching in a relaxed and peaceful setting.  Call her today to get started on your journey towards full-body wellness.

Photos by Elizabeth Lamoureux