What Clients are Saying about Lee’s Work…

Before working with Lee, I had dealt with chronic upper back pain for nearly 20 years. I had tried a variety of treatments – including pain relievers, chiropractic, and corticosteroid injections – which all helped to varying degrees for a time, but the pain kept returning. I met Lee at health fair in Moab, where she suggested trying acupressure and Shiatsu. Up to this point I’d never thought of pursuing massage therapy, but I felt anything was better than what I was doing barring another corticosteroid treatment. We started with weekly 90-minute Shiatsu treatments for one month, then added in some Swedish massage and stretching exercises that I did at home to help limber myself up. After a couple more sessions my back pain had diminished greatly, so we spread out the treatments to twice monthly and I remained relatively pain free.  I haven’t taken any pain medications for 4 months and I go to Lee for an hourly treatment just once a month. I also stretch at home to help keep my back and shoulders loose. Lee is really down to earth and knows her techniques well. She concentrates on the problem areas as she works through her routine. I feel my money has been well spent. I feel lucky I found a massage therapist this good and would recommend Lee to anyone.

Scott A., Moab Utah

I appreciate Lee’s careful discernment of what kind of therapeutic massage I need when I have an appointment with her. As a skilled and experienced practitioner, her experience helps to guide her and me, the client, toward beneficial results. Her prices are very reasonable and she can usually fit me in right away. She is my go-to massage therapist in Moab.

Merry Harrison, Clinical Herbalist,  Salt Lake City

When I have a session with Lee, I feel deep levels of healing unlike with any other body worker.  I can feel that her therapeutic practice is her own organic blend of art forms mixed up especially for me.  She has an incredible ability to remove energetic blockages, thereby expediting healing and tranquility on the cellular level.  I always feel very peaceful and grounded after a session with Lee and highly recommend her services to anyone seeking the same. 

S.F.  Moab, UT

During my coaching work with Lee, I really appreciated the structure she brought to our sessions. I was able to get out of the rut I was in with her encouragement toward being gentle with myself and allowing for greater possibilities.  The introspective exercises helped me uncover some of my own hidden creativity, and now my business and my hobbies are thriving!

T. Washington  Denver, Colorado

I’ve been going to Lee for 5 years.  With her help I avoided taking cortisone shots for ongoing knee pain.  She has also been able to alleviate muscle spasms in my back.  Lee is a kind and caring practitioner.  Thank you Lee! 

P.W.   Moab, UT

One of the things I look forward to most when I come for a visit to Moab is getting a massage treatment with Lee (or 2 or 3). Her beautiful studio, caring intuition, and mastery of Shiatsu and massage always leave me feeling pampered, rested, energized and more in my body. Thank you so much for another wonderful session Lee! 

E.P.   Vermont